Montag, 30. April 2012

Bloody chillin Sundays....

Sundays, on those days you usually don`t wanna get into anything stressful – so do I.
I spent my day by scoreing 100Mln calories, beeing dressed in the most unerotic dress you find on that planet while watching the most rotten television series ever! Awesome! TV starts with series about trailer park people, followed by the encore presentation of „American Idol“, followed by „The biggest Loser“  and finals with „Ugly Betty“. The good thing about those white trash television is by watching ´em your own personal situations seem to be extremely tiny and you feel like beeing a Rockstar, compared to the mud you see in TV. Conclusionally you feel great staying lazy on your couch and you have no intention to regret beeing lazy.
After ten times watching unsatisfied into the huge „empty“ in my fridge I decided to get, dressed in my joggers, tot he chicken grill and grap an enormous, fat kind-of lunch and abandon myself to sloth.
In those moments I am so happy no man is watching me. I admit to enjoy agitateing and complaining  about males but on days like this, means with cucumber mask, chignon, dressed in an eight-times oversized jammies (mine is in a undefined colour and kind-of-rotten) – we ladies aren`t eyecatchers as well. Therefore I avoid to take any view into any mirrow on sundays – because I am scared about the 180degree change from saturday night to sunday noon ;)
Now, in case you got a mate with whom you can let this kind of attitude out, it is generally awesome. But in the end you end up sitting on your couch in that begglar-look and your mate same as a kind-of dowdy twin. In theory it is not the worst conception to be in love with each other and to accept each other`s, let`s call it: „moments“ IF there wouldn`t be the question if eroticism could die?
Once I had an „awesome“ Relationship where everybody was accepted to be her/himself. I do not mean in a characteristic way, more as beeing exempt  from the pressure to be dressed to impress. Indeed it was unexacting but in the end I put on 20 pound weigth and he failed to close the privy! What happend to that Realationship? I lost the 20pounds again together with the douchebag and he hopefully closes the john at his new gal`s flat – at least I hope (which dies last) for her! Conclusion: we separate from each other!
Ah, by the way, eroticism had died long before as well! Even though I don`t thing that is in relation to having lazy days or dress-up for each other all the time.
In the end there is nothing more beautiful than being togehter and love and respect your partner as he/she is! Without „screenplay“ and maybe with some little flaws, which could be that much fascinating.
Not exactly 365days a year but Sunday seems to be a pretty appropriate day;)

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